Edith made the original print in this series, the reds of the red caps in Renaissance portraits, during her time at RISD and has been developing the body of work ever since. While these editions can be enjoyed as a series of "painterly Pantones," the ongoing project is research-based and committed to showing viewers new ways of thinking about artists' oeuvres and larger arcs in art history. By creating typologies of color and text, Edith pinpoints revealing and humorous themes throughout artists' careers or periods of time. The hope is to make ideas about art history accessible and compelling to a viewer who might not know much about the subject otherwise.

Edith is a photographer, designer and writer from New York, NY with a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design. She was previously the senior photo editor and photographer at Man Repeller, and now works on projects for publications and with brands like Google, Rachel Antonoff, The Wing and Outdoor Voices. She took her first art history class at Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts and particularly enjoyed the lecture on Jan van Eyck. You can find more here: www.edith.nyc

"Get ‘em while they’re hot – the last batch sold out as quickly as you can say 'The roseate bills in John James Audubon’s The Birds of America: 1827-1838.'" - It's Nice That, “Painterly Pantones”: Photographer Edith Young on her art history-inspired series of colour palettes

"While this work of art may translate as decorative, it's actually a meticulously researched reflection of specific hues used in Renaissance paintings. Thus, this piece is perfect for both the design lover and art connoisseur." - Lonny, Gift Guide: The Decorist

"Searching for something for that art history buff who also keeps their apartment spotless? Look no further than Edith Young’s poster featuring red color swatches for the red caps worn by figures in 20 Renaissance portraits." - Hyperallergic

"Speaking of thinking and smiling, our very own Edith Young makes these super cool “painterly Pantone” posters that will make your gift receiver do just that — simultaneously, no less." - Man RepellerGifts for Everyone You Love (or Just Like)

"The Dresses Worn by Velázquez's Infantas poster is a witty color chip tribute to a painting that haunts art historians everywhere." - Girls At Library, Gift Guide for the Art Lover

"Den richtigen Zugang zur Kunstgeschichte liefert jetzt Fotografin Edith W Young, die Pantone Paletten auf der Basis verschiedener Kunstwerke anfertigt. Wer ihre Prints schon zu Hause hängen hat? Leandra (Medine) Cohen zum Beispiel. Ich wünsche mir eins vom Osterhasen." Journelles (of Germany!)