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Edith made the original print in this series, the reds of the red caps in Renaissance portraits, during her time at RISD and has been developing the body of work ever since. While these editions can be enjoyed as a series of "painterly Pantones," the ongoing project is research-based and committed to showing viewers new ways of thinking about artists' oeuvres and larger arcs in art history. By creating typologies of color and text, Edith pinpoints revealing and humorous themes throughout artists' careers or periods of time. The hope is to make ideas about art history accessible and compelling to a viewer who might not know much about the subject otherwise.

Edith is an artist, designer and writer who lives in New York City. Her book, Color Scheme: An Irreverent History of Art and Pop Culture in Color Palettes, will be published by Princeton Architectural Press in October 2021 and is available for pre-order now. You can find more of Edith's work here: www.edith.nyc


"Get ‘em while they’re hot – the last batch sold out as quickly as you can say 'The roseate bills in John James Audubon’s The Birds of America: 1827-1838.'" - It's Nice That, “Painterly Pantones”: Photographer Edith Young on her art history-inspired series of colour palettes


Why are the palette prints released in limited batches each week?

This website is operated by a one-woman band and can only handle so much order volume while maintaining a high standard of quality control. 

I'm interested in a particular print that isn't currently available on the site. How can I get in touch with you?

Please let me know what you're looking for hereor send an email to studio [at] edithyoung [dot] com, and I'll be in touch with you soon. 

Where do I sign up to receive e-mail alerts about palette releases?

These latitudinal and longitudinal e-coordinates will take you to the newsletter sign-up page.  

I have a question about licensing, commissions, collaborations, or an artist trade — what’s the best way to reach out? 

By all means, please send a note here or send an email to studio [at] edithyoung [dot] com!

When can I buy the book?

You can pre-order it now :-) It will be published by Princeton Architectural Press on October 12, 2021. 

What about those palette tees you used to make?

They may make a comeback mid-2021.

How do you recommend framing a palette print?

Here are a few of my favorite ways that my friends Haley and Laura have framed their prints (white or light wood frames with no mat). 

Do you ship internationally?

International shipping is now available! If your country doesn't seem to be an option at checkout, please send a note through here